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RORZE ROBOTECH CO., LTD. always aims to provide products and services with leading quality through the application of international standards in quality management environment, safety information, customer complaints management.


As a high-tech company providing robots and motor control equipment  for semiconductor industry, RORZE ROBOTECH CO.,LTD. would  always fully satisfy customers’ demands and related parties with high quality products at low price, ensure punctual delivery and meet the various requirements of customers.
We commit to maintaining an effective quality management system with enthusiastic participation of all employees under supervision of the highest-level management, along with the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system. We believe that our very success will go hand-in-hand with the orientation towards our customers. 
This quality assurance policy would be presented for all staffs in our company, making sure its availability for related parties to follow, remain and improve in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 standard.


RORZE ROBOTECH CO.,LTD. promises to sustain environmental management standard as identified as an integral part of our business operations. And to do so, we would adhere the following principles:
We will comply with laws as well as other requirements which are not inconsistent with laws related to environmental aspects and need to meet. we would follow other regulations and environmental management procedures to ensure this compliance.
We shall:
- Establishing  an environmental management system with specific procedures to control and prevent any possible threats to environment.
- Reducing the risk of impact on the environment, protecting employees and the communities surrounding the company by the use of equipment and application of safe operating procedures and the preparedness for emergency situations.
- Proper use of natural resources, efforts to minimize the waste into the air, soil and water, reduce to a minimum the amount of hazardous waste and ensure their toxicity to be treated and have safe disposal of waste.
We would constantly improve the environment management system based on the measurement and analysis of system operations. Company’s management periodically review and evaluate the improvements as well.

RORZE ROBOTECH CO.,LTD. is committed to providing services which meet both technical requirements and timing requirements of customers by applying specialized technologies , advanced project management methods, advanced implementation methodology and work ethics consistent with the service and providing the superior software technologies.
We appreciate the value and importance of the information in our business operations, production and services. Information on paper or electronic devices, and devices for editing, processing, distribution and storage of information, is an indispensable asset in process of organizing and implementing our business. 
Due to the variety of information at working area, information is always faced with security threats. Information can be stolen, changed, leaked, misplaced or even destroyed. Therefore, we apply information security policy with the following objectives and purposes: 
- Maintaining the necessary level of information security. 
- Ensuring the integrity of the information. 
- Ensuring availability of relevant information to the authorized people. 
Information security policy also aims to guide users about the protection of intellectual property rights and process information effectively, and help people deal with the security issue by disseminating, training on information security. Users are responsible for compliance with this policy. 
We are committed to protecting the information by implementing information security management system (ISMS) which helps us to identify, assess, minimize, manage information security risks and ensure business continuity. ISO Group have responsibility for managing this policy as well as maintaining and ensuring its efficiency and availability within the organization.  
This information security policy should be reviewed periodically, mainly in the Board meeting or upon request.


As a high-tech company providing robots and motor control equipment for semiconductor industry, RORZE ROBOTECH CO.,LTD. would commit to providing professional working environment with modern equipment to ensure health  and safety for all employees, visitors and surrounding residential area. Believing in that all accidents and working deceases are avoidable, we make sure closely follow the regulations of OHSAS: occupational health and safety.
RORZE ROBOTECH CO.,LTD. ensures to build and maintain occupational health and safety management standards; compliance with the Vietnamese Law on Safety - Health – Environment and other laws:
1. Develop, apply and maintain safe operation processes to minimize the risk to health and safety of employees.
2. Develop, implement and maintain Health and Safety Management System; monitor the compliance of these standards on a regular basic.
3. Establish and check the objectives, the annual improvement goals to ensure that the targets are consistent with the company's activities and be carried out by all levels of employees currently working at the company.
4. Encourage all staff involved in the implementation of this policy; while guiding, training and supervise all employees and other individuals for efficient work and awareness of safety.
5. Regularly exchange information with partners and stakeholders.
All staff have responsibility to ensure safety and health for themselves, at the same time pay attention to the health and safety of other people in workplace. We ask and hope all our employees and other individuals must comply with all of company’s  policies, regulations, guidelines on health and safety.


As a high-tech company specializing in supplying robot products and motor control equipment catering semiconductor manufacturing industry, our company RORZE ROBOTECH is committed to proactively building the customer satisfaction management system and implementing effective and efficient complaint handling. General director, managers and department heads are committed to promoting the implementation of the customer satisfaction management system.
Our strong commitment on Complaint handling includes the launching of policy targeting at the handling of complaints, along with management meetings aiming at making decision on how to improve organizational processes and products.
In the process of handling complaints, our company is committed to considering the relevant legal requirements (if available)
Director General approves the policies, departments implement the dissemination of policies and documentation related to the process of customer complaints handling.  
The company's board of directors is committed to providing resources, including human resources, training and deployment to each company's divisions and departments.
The board of directors establishes, documents the policy on customer satisfaction and disseminates to all levels of departments and all employees in the company. This policy is publicized and available to all stakeholders, including the customers.

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