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RORZE ROBOTECH was established as the first high-tech enterprise in Vietnam under recognition from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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Business Outline

Manufacture and assembly of control devices, robots and products related to semiconductor manufacturing / life science.

  • Design of parts and robots related to products
  • Design and production of controller devices.
  • Machining of parts related to products.
  • Assembly of control devices, robots and products.
  • Overhaul products.
Number of Employees
1364 (associate employees:19)(As of June 30,2018)
Land plot No. F2, F3 & F4,
Nomura – Haiphong Industrial Zone, Tan Tien commune, An Duong Dist., Hai Phong City, Viet Nam.



—- General Director Hideharu Nakamura
I love digital products such as PCs and smart phones. It is exciting and thrilling to meet such new technologies I have never seen before.
As a member of the RORZE group, RORZE ROBOTECH will continue to challenge technically ourselves with a motto to “Create what is not in the world” so that everyone in the world can share some feelings like me.
—- Factory Manager Vu Kien Cuong
RORZE ROBOTECH will continue to be “a group where people are enjoying their work with confidence in skills and expertise.”
We are going to try every day to become one and only company in Vietnam where we can learn high technology together, sometimes stimulate strictly, and sometimes help each other.


  • 10/1996Receiving investment license.
  • 01/1997Starting plant construction.
  • 04/1998Being the first company was granted the certificate of high-techcompany in Vietnam.
  • 04/1998Opening ceremony, starting trial production.
  • 08/1998Exporting the first shipment.
  • 04/1999Donation of CNC machine to Vietnam Maritime University for trainning.
  • 06/2001Receiving the Quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2000
  • 11/2002Receiving the Environmental managemental system certificate ISO 14001:1996
  • 11/2005Receiving the Environmental managemental system certificate ISO 14001:2004
  • 05/2007Finished the 3rd factory for expansion of production.
  • 11/2012Receiving the Information security management system certificate ISO 27001:2005
  • 11/2013Receiving the customer satisfaction certificate ISO 10002:2004
  • 01/2016Receiving the occupational health and safety management system certificate OHSAS 18001:2007
  • 03/2016Receiving the Information security management system certificate ISO 27001:2013
  • 08/2016Receiving the Quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2015
  • 08/2016Receiving the Environmental managemental system certificate ISO 14001:2015
  • 05/2017Receiving the Customer satisfaction certificate ISO 10002:2014
  • 08/2017Operation of the 4th plant for production expansion.
  • 10/2018Awarded with outstanding achievements as a foreign direct investment company
  • 01/2019Finished the 7th factory.5th and 6th factories under construction.
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RORZE ROBOTECH Company Limited is a member of the RORZE group.
We will continue innovative technological challenges in pioneering industries with the belief of “Create what is not in the world”, the motto of the group.