RORZE ROBOTECH CO.,LTD. take stricter measures in response to the spread of COVID-19

As the spread of COVID-19 are more complicated than expected, we have decided to take strict measures to prevent the risk of infection and ensure staff safety.

1. Guests welcoming
We are only receiving guest in case of really necessary with the approval of General Director and Factory Manager.
We only receive guest who arrived Vietnam at least 14 days before the date they arrive RRC. In addition, they are required to check their health status, body temperature measurement, time stay in Vietnam.
If any symptom of fever, cough, … and not stay in Vietnam at least 14 days, we will not allow them to go inside our factory.

2. All staff
All staff when entering the company must be checked body temperature.
They must follow epidemic prevention measures as required: wear mask in company, wash the hand as much as possible with antibacterial liquid or hand sanitizer.
We also required that RRC’s staff go the hospital if having any symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, sneezing or body temperature above 37, 5 ℃. If the test results are unrelated to COVID-19, they could be come back to work.
Face masks are free supplied to all staff. Besides, we put some bottle of hand sanitizer at security gates, meeting rooms, lobby…and cleaning and contact surfaces by antibacterial liquid.

3. To implement social distancing according by the Government of Vietnam regulations to prevent epidemics COVID-19

In order to implement of the Vietnam Government’s command on social distancing, Rorze Robotech Co., Ltd. implements prevention solution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community as follows:
– Rearranging layout of working area of our office, canteen, production and smocking area, elevator… to ensure social distance, keep the distance between employees at least 2m.
– To cancel face to face meetings as much as possible. Change the method of organizing meetings to online meetings, web meetings, video calls

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. We will continue follow the situation to timely adjust our prevention measures.
We apologize for any inconvenience!